Industrial Tubes, Rods, and Other Components

In addition to ‘planar’ sapphire product formats – windows, lenses, substrates – Rubicon also offers a wide array of other shapes.  We supply sapphire tubes from 10mm to 50mm OD with up to 30 inches in length with thin walls 1-5mm.
Larger tubes up to 300mm OD with thicker walls are also available. These tubes frequently are used in semiconductor manufacturing, oil and gas production, lighting, optics, laser and other industries. Rubicon also offers optical and structural rods from 10mm to 300mm OD in various lengths.
Sapphire ball lenses, hyper-hemispheres, prisms, cylinders, and other complex geometries are available in multiple sizes and volumes, from prototype to full production quantities.  
Plasma Tubes Semiconductor Equipment
Lift and Structural Pins Semiconductor Equipment, Industrial Processing Equipment
Optical Rods Steel and Iron, Jet Engines, R&D, Semiconductor Processing
Thermocouple Protection Sheaths Chemical, Oil and Gas, Annealing Ovens, Materials Processing
Ball Lenses Optical Interconnects, Telecommunications